Sunday, March 4, 2012

God likes little people.

This week God has really been teaching me that he loves little people, and he cares about little things in our lives.  One night our cord for our laptop stopped working, we would plug it in but it wouldn't charge. Needless to say we were all upset, the thought of having to get a new cord was in our minds. Suddenly Peter, (age 12) says, "Hey guys let's pray over the cord."  All of the little kids agreed and soon all ten of us are laying  hands on the cord.  My sister Ellie, simply asks God to heal our cord, we plug it in and it works.  All of us began to praise the Lord.  A cord is such a little thing, but God answered our prayers.
All of us have dreams of being something big, a famous novelist, a singer.  God wants us to be the best we can, but he also loves us as the little people we are.  A 16 year old, sister, daughter, and missionary. I am nobody to most of the people in the world. But I am someone in God's eyes. To him I'm His daughter, His lover, His little missionary.
I'm so thankful for God's love and mercy!

Blessings this Sunday,


  1. What a neat story, Abi! It's amazing to think that He cares just as much about those little things as He does about the big issues in life. Thank you for sharing. :)

    Love and Blessings,
    Elizabeth Rose

  2. Thanks Lizzy! I know right. Praise God! Your welcome.

  3. That's such a great story! My and my friends pray over lot's of things that people think aren't that important but it's amazing how god cares about those little things too!

  4. Yes indeed, I'm so glad that my story has blessed you!