Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*Jumping up and Down!*

So yes I am very pleased to say that I finished my novel The Princess and The Stable Boy today!
I didn't think that I would make it by the end of August, but I DID! I am so happy!!!!!!!
Final Word count:21,821 words. I am very pleased with it! Now its going to be edited.
And for September I'm going to finish Streets Lined with Gold.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Right now I am listing to the Soundtrack to Little Woman, and a thought popped into my mind. Music, how beautiful it is. All of my life, till about a year or two ago, all I listened to was Classical music, and Worship music. And the reason I love classical music so much is its beauty. Music is like a story, moving you to tears or joy. When I hear music, I wish that I was more talented at playing it, but it gives me joy to be able appreciate it so much. It makes me sad, the type of music people listing to these days. Not say that some of it is good, but where is the beauty in "Heavy Metal" or the other types of music. Sometimes I hear some rap and think, "How is that worth listing to?" I think music gives God joy, it gives God glory.

P.S Now I'm listing to the soundtrack to Emma 2009!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When School turns into an adventure

Oh yes, such things are possible. When at Big Woods one never knows what things will happen. It started like this. Marianne, Theresa and I where sitting at the computers taking tests, when Marianne says, "Um...Is that the horses!" (We have five horses at Big Woods. I think...)
Sure enough when Theresa and I look out there they are.
"Oh no, we have to tell someone." So I go and tell Mr.Frank. He jumps up and calls us out along with Suz, one of our missionaries. About this time the brilliant dogs go to chase the horses, sending them down the road. He places us around the yard then gets into his car and drives down the road. Soon two other missionaries come running and they also jump in their cars and drive off. Slowly, they herd the horses back. *Sigh* Yes now they are back and shut tightly in their pasture. Praise God!
So the moral of this story is: You never know what will happen when you are doing your school.

I am on a mission...literally

:D I like titles! They can be so funny, and interesting. But anyway, to be back on topic, tomorrow is Mission Formation!!! I love mission formation. And this time, I will take pictures for everyone to see. I would have put an exclamation point there, but I use so many!
That and italics are my thing now. I think it has something to do with being 15. Because in Emily Climbs, she uses a lot of italics around the age 14-15. So I must really work hard on not using them as much. (!) :D


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jesus Fixes you

He does! I remember before I had my reversion I fought with my Mom every single day, sometimes twice or three times a day. It was horrible. I was always angry. And I took it out on my siblings. The end result was all of my siblings basically hated me. I felt awful about it, but it had gotten so bad that they didn't care anymore.
Today I was thinking that, my Mom and I don't argue as much. I mean like never! It is so awesome! And I am steadily patching things up with my siblings. We still fight, but not like we used to. My life is so much happier, I can live my life without the ugly feeling of anger and guilt. Jesus fixes you. I'm not perfect, I still have to work to that. But I am so much better!!
I love you Jesus!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


As I realize that there is less than a month till Intake I feel myself getting excited. When I first came to Big Woods, I really didn't like the Charismatic feeling everything had. Now I can see why we share on Bible readings, I see why we sing before every meal, why Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do! And it is so exciting! I heard the other day, if this other family comes we will have 28 people coming to Intake this year!!!! That's the most FMC has ever had. God has blessed us so much this year. He has been calling us to grow. This year JP (the founder's son) is starting a Youth part of out missions. You can not believe how exciting that is!!!! The more I think about it, the more excited I become. :D


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its been awhile...

Since I did a tag so here is a fun one. Its a writing tag!

What do you write your stories on?
Usually on a Word Doc, but I keep a notebook on hand all the time.

What is your favorite kind of character?
One that I can relate to. Someone kind, but not afraid to go and kill some bad guys!

When you're asked what your story is about, what is your usual reaction?

Um...Don't you know your not supposed to ask a writer that? Either you will get to much information or none at all. Sorry. I freak out, unless its a writing friend who asks. Then I know just what to say.

What is your biggest writing pet peeve?
Writer's Block. I hate those things. I have fought many a battle with that foe.

What is the biggest turn-off for you when reading a book?
Bad language, or questionable scenes. And a boring story. If it doesn't interest me I stop.

Your favorite era in history?
WW2, no question about that!

How many words on average do you punch out in one sitting?
If I am really interested in it, 100 to 200.

Are you a fast typist?
I'm good.

What do you do for inspiration?
Anything! Music, read or just force myself to write something.

The truest writing quote you've ever heard
This one:
One ought only to write when one leaves a piece of one's own flesh in the inkpot, each time one dips one's pen. ~Leo Tolstoy

Or this one:
A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author. ~G.K. Chesterton

What's your favorite genre to write?
Fantasy or Historical Fiction.

Favorite font to write with?

Least-favorite writing prompt you've ever recieved?
I can't answer this one. It brings back to many horrible memories. :P

What do you like better: Pens or Pencils?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today is my birthday!!!!! I am 15 years old today. 15 Wow. Do you want to know something wired? I don't feel 15. It seems strange to me. :D Yesterday I was thinking, next year I will be 16. Believe it or not that makes me smile. Me? 16? You have got to be kidding me.
Time flies far to fast. But I think that is a good thing, I haven't completely lost my childhood yet. And I don't plan to.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What am I going to do with myself?

This is going to be interesting.

Reason why I'm crazy:
1. I forgot how to tell time. My mom asked me what time it was, so I walked over to the clock and stared. And stared, and stared. Then I said, "Uh mom, give me a sec." And I stared some more. Finally I came up with this answer, "Its almost 9." It was 8:45, close enough.

2. I forgot that I'm still 14. Today I remembered that I am still 14! Not 15, like I had been saying for almost a month.

3. I forgot that it was summer still. At the end of July I started to prepare for Nano. And I got so into that November mindset that I forgot about summer! I don't know what month I thought it was, but it wasn't August.

Yes, this is why I am certain that I am crazy.