Monday, January 24, 2011


Today I went to the home for the elderly right across from us, I was surprised there to find that my little sister, age 9 (almost 10! yikes!) was quite a favorite. A lot of the old ladies asked,

"Where is Esther?" "When is Esther coming to see me?"

On questioning her further I found out she goes there nearly every day! I so surprised and blessed by this.

Another surprise was meeting some Sisters of Charity (the order founded by Mother Theresa) they looked so beautiful and happy as they walked in to talk to some of the ladies. They where happy to meet us, telling us that the bishop told them about the family with 10 kids. :)

The San Lucians have been so welcoming, our new parish, the Church of the Sacred Heart, have been very glad to have us. Every day we seem to have a visitor. Just today we meet a lady who is a relative of one of our old ladies. She hugged all of us kids and kept saying
"Such beautiful kids!" She wants us all to come to her house.

So far I have been blessed beyond anything that I could imagine. God is so good!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is it.

We are here. I am sitting in our great dinning room in San Lucia! The plane trip was smooth and littles where amazing. :) Last night we had dinner with our Archbishop (the food was really good!) and then came back home to get to bed. We arrived at 4 ish (if I remember correctly) and got to our home around 6 (?) As you can tell the lack of sleep is still affecting me.
Last night as I got into bed I really started missing everyone, so I talked to my mother and prayed. The frogs here making a lot of noise, so that and the sound of cars driving by sung me to sleep.
This morning we got more of a look around. The sisters thought of everything and our pantry and fridge is well stocked for the moment.
So that's all for the moment. Pics will be coming soon!

The love of God for me

This is a song that is a song by Misty Edwards. Today I listened to for the first time since Mexico. The reason why I wanted to share this is because of how much it meant to me on that day. Isn't it funny how you always know that God loves you and then some days it just hits you. I had one of the those days, today and that Desert Day in Mexico. Sometimes you just have to have those moments to get you through hard times. God is really a lover.
Here is the song.

I'm in love with a Man I'm in love with a Stranger
I'm in love with my Maker whom I have never seen
I'm in love with the Lamb I'm in love with the Lion
I'm in love with my Savior whom I have yet to know

O won't You let me love You more, this is all that I desire
Won't You let me love You more this is all that I require
Won't You let me love You more this is my deepest heart's desire
Won't You let me love You more still more and more

You could give to me the gift of walking on water
Maybe I will raise the dead
I have one life to live all I have to give to You is love
I have one life to live all I have to give to You is love

If I never walk on water if I never see the miracles
If I never hear your voice so loud
Just knowing that You love me is enough to keep me here
Just hearing those words is enough is enough to satisfy
You do You do You satisfy I couldn't leave even if a tried
I must have You I must have You

When it's been said and when it's all been done
When the race is run it all comes to love

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Only 10 days left!

Wow, only 10 days left till my family leaves for our first mission post. I think its finally sinking in that we are leaving! Slowly but steadily we are getting rid of extra clothing and toys, (we will each have one backpacks each) Anywho tonight is Desert night, every Sunday we have the missionaries over for desserts. :) Tonight we are having home popped pop-corn!

Blessings Lizzy.