Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sink or Fly

Sink or Fly
You can only go up or down. 
Warning this post will not make much sense. :) 

I've been thinking about life, school, the future a lot.  I guess that's nothing new, I do that all the time. Don't we all?  I can do lots of things, some will pull me down, some will make me fly.   People drag you down, people make you soar.
Maybe I'm saying this because I'm feeling a little bittersweet. Can some one feel bittersweet?  Content not really happy and slightly sad.  I'm content because life is fine, I'm doing well in school. But slightly sad because I miss my home, my real home in Oregon.
What does life really mean to people?  Isn't that an interesting question? I think it is. I would like to just think about that questions for years.
This isn't making much sense, but its one of those days when you have to write, even though you can't think clearly about what you are going to write.  So I wrote.

I hope everyone has a happy day,


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