Sunday, September 25, 2011

We are Home!

Yes, we arrived almost a week ago Tuesday. We are so happy to be home again after almost two years. Today we were blessed to have some fellow missionaries visit us at our home. We had an awesome time talking about St. Lucia, the blessings, challenges and mission work there. I am so glad to be back home!
God bless you're week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Helping the Poor in Spirit

One day when we were riding the bus down from the mountains back to Castries I saw a young girl, perhaps 18 at the oldest, walking the streets. She was a very pretty girl, with long silky black hair, and beautiful eyes, however, her clothes were typical ghetto clothes. Not really ratty, but skimpy kinda like a designer copy. She had a young baby on her hip, when we caught each other’s eyes, even for those few seconds, what I saw in her eyes tore my heart. I have never seen so much despair; she looked like she didn’t hope anymore. When we passed her I wished with all my heart that I could have got off the bus and talked to her. I don’t know why she looked that way, that might not have been what she felt like, but somehow when I saw her, I knew that’s how she felt. Days after she still haunted me, I wonder what I would have done, could I have talked to her, I’m a shy person; I don’t like talking to people. Would I have had the courage to stop her? Would I have been able to help? I would like to say I said a prayer for her, but I didn’t think about that till much later.

The poor here are different than the poor that we found in Mexico, they don’t just need food, clothes, houses, they do sometimes need that, but their needs are something much deeper. It’s spiritual. Its like that girl, she probably has a house, a boyfriend, some sort of a job, but she still had that hopeless look. Why? It’s a deep longing that they, as we all do, try to fill with what the world offers. Drugs, sex, money, power. But let’s face it; those don’t fill that hole, that longing. Only God can. Now that might sound easy, well then we just tell them about God and bang! Everything is better. Unfortunately the real world isn’t that easy, because we are a fallen humanity. What would you do if something like this happened to you? Would you be able to stop and help? Would you be able to pray for the person? I hope that God will be able to send me people like this to help.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Asking for prayers is hard.

Today I was thinking about something, and that is asking for prayers is sometimes hard. It takes humility to say "I'm not perfect and I want you to help me by praying for me." This reminds me of a something that happened to me in Mexico. One afternoon both my parents where out at the Ranchos, (small villages) and I was left in charge of all the kids save Issac. We had just finished a rosary with some of ladies, it was a Marian feast, I can't remember exactly what it was. Anyway Miss Genie, Susanna and some of us kids had like 10 minutes to get ready and head out to another Rancho. As all older children know, getting 8 kids ready is not easy. Shoes, coats ect... had to be found and children had to be taken to the bathroom and then loaded in the car. I was getting really frustrated and everyone kept saying,
"Come on y'all we need to hurry!" Muttering to myself I hurried the kids only 3/4 ready into the car, I sat down with them and was really annoyed. Miss Genie asks,
"Who is going to share tonight?" (Every time we go to the ranchos different members of the team get to share a personal testimony of faith, or something the Lord has done for them. )
No one said anything, Miss Genie looks behind to us in the backseat and said,
"Why don't you do it Abi?" Things had just gone from bad to worse, I had nothing that I wanted to share, I didn't even want to be there! But I said yes. I tried to clear my mind, but all I could think of was how mad I was and how I just wanted to sit down and cry. The car parked and everyone loaded out, Miss Genie gave some of the kids orders. Meanwhile I pulled Susanna aside and asked,
"Susanna, I'm really upset right now. Can you please pray for me?" Believe me asking that when I was mad and didn't want prayer was hard, but I knew that if I was going to get up and talk I had to let the Holy Spirit work through me. And the only way I could do that was if I wasn't angry.
"Sure Abi." She pulled aside two of my sisters and they prayed for me. I felt all the anger and tears melt away, and I walked into the small chapel, I was ready. When I stood up to talk about my reversion I didn't say exactly what I thought I was going to say, but one of the missionaries told me as we left,
"You did a good job Abi, I saw some ladies crying." That blessed me so much that I was able to bless them, I didn't know them, or see them, or even speak Spanish, (miss Genie translated) but I was able to bless them.

This event taught me that asking for prayer is very important. If I had not humbled myself in that moment I know that I could not have given my testimony. God gave me the grace to ask for help, and through me he touched someones heart.

Many blessings!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Leaving St. Lucia

Its official, we are leaving St. Lucia. On the 20th of Sep, it will be 8 months of living in missions. We are so excited to be going home, we have not been to our home town for almost 2 years! There will be so many new babies in the family, so many people we have not seen in so long! Our life here in missions has been so blessed, I know this is God's will for out family. While we are home we will be praying about our new mission post. That is also exciting, when you are abandoned to God's will you realize that the whole world is open to you. Two years ago I had never heard of St. Lucia, and even if I had I would never have dreamed that some day I would be leaving here. God is so good!
These last weeks are going to be very busy, we have so much to do. I'll try to post more this month. :)