Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week 2

I think my favorite game as of right now is Spoons. It is a wonderful game that was taught to us by a dear friend of mine. She and I went to school together, and I consider her my best friend. We (my whole family) went over to her house for dinner and afterwards she taught us this game. Ever since my siblings have begged to play is more! I know this is short but I don't have much time.
P.S Everyone should play this game

The name

So the name is...........Isaac Francesco! Welcome to family!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey all!

If you would like to see my new brother here is a link to my Dad's blog!
Still no name, I will update when we have one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


1) How old are you? 14
2) What name do you go by on blogger? Abigail/Elizabeth Bennet. Or Lizzy for short.

3) When is your birthday? 8/10

4) If you could live anywhere in the world, besides where you live now, where would it be? Um... I'd live back in Oregon!

5) How did you find out about Blogger?I had to have a blog for school, after awhile I asked for my own to have for none school purposes.

6) Tell us something interesting about yourself: I would love to have a horse!

7) What was your favorite toy when you were little? My doll, she was the Felicity American Girl doll.

8) What is your favorite meal? Have you ever cooked/helped cook that meal? Tacos!

9) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I'd more understanding with my siblings.

10) Are you an outside person, or an inside person? Outside!

11) Are you a mommy's boy/girl, or a daddy's boy/girl? Daddy's girl.

12) In one word, describe the feeling you get when you stub your toe, after just being told by your parents that you are grounded for the next month: WHY! (No really I'd be like ''why me? Why now?")

13) Let's say you TP'd your friend's house (for those of you who don't know what TP'd stands for, it means toilet papered. As in, put toilet paper on their trees, cars, house, porch, etc.). If someone asked you why you TP'd your friends house, you would say: ''I was bored." (Not that I'd do that! :D)

14) Have you ever gone swimming in deep, dark, dirty water? No, but I have wanted to. lol

15) Have you ever dreamed about getting ready to leave the house, and forgetting to get your pants on? NO!

16) Have you ever done something so ridiculous, that you wish you'd never done it? If so, what? No, not that I can think of.

17) Imagine that you saw a purse snatching. What would you do?

a. scream and run away

b. move out of the state/country

c. tackle the purse snatcher to the ground.

d. ignore it, start whistling, and turn the other direction.

I'd probably do c.

18) How many friends do you have on blogger? only my sister.

19) What makes blogging so much fun for you? Writing my thoughts, making friends, and having fun. :) lol

20) You're a turtle, who has bet that you can win a race with a rabbit. How does it turn out?"

I have no idea! :) lol

P.S. I just realised I asked people to check out Eldarwen's blog and I didn't give a link!

So here it is.

Blog Party!

My dear friend and sister, (not really...sigh...we are sisters on another blog) Eldarwen is having a blog party! Please go check it out! And her blog! I love your blog Liza.

P.S. Sorry Liza I couldn't help but through the sister thing out there!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


How does one really put their thoughts to words? I know I can write, I and I do a fine job at it. But sometimes I am amazed at what I cannot do! I doubt there is a cure for this failing. When my heart aches, with joy or sadness, I just can't get it onto paper in the right way. I write something and it just isn't right.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 1 of 4

Hum...? My favorite food? Anything with potatoes! I'm addicted to them! Once I tried some without having cooked them, and I liked it! My whole family said I was wired. LOL!
Some times the meal person for the day will ask me what to make and I'll be like "Potatoes!"
After awhile the whole family is sick of them!

My other food love is apples! One thing I love best is to grab a good book and an apple. My favorite kind is Fuji. The best kinds are red and green colored. I could probably eat three or four a day!

So there it is my food love confessions, hope you liked it. lol

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

100th post (coming soon!)

Okay the date will be June 1st! Check my poll out please!


4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

Okay I will do something fun for my 100th post. But, even though this is it, its not going to happen in this post. lol. This post is to say go check out this!

It will be fun I promise.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Should I do something for having 100 posts, when I get there? I'm at 99 counting this one. lol

Sunday, April 4, 2010


He is risen!
I don't have wonderful words of wisdom on this blessed day. All I can say is that today is a day for rejoicing and merry times. We SHOULD celebrate! Jesus died for us, even if you were the only person in the world, Jesus still would have died so that you could join him in heaven. So REJOICE!



Is this just what we bloggers do in our bored time? Change our blog look? I guess so because I have done it again. lol, oh well. Comments would be wonderful. If anything is hard to see or something.

Streets lined with Gold

Here is a preview of my short story and a synopsis ,(which I am NOT very good at) lol. An as a side note this is turning into a novel. Soooo, I'm only going to post the first chapter! HA HA *evil laugh* lol

Streets lined with Gold
Gavriel is a young Romanian who has made the journey to America. There it is said that the streets are lined with gold. America is the new promise land. But problems arise when they arrive. The poverty is amazing to her, and the condition that many children are forced to live in goes to her heart. Gavriel's father loses his job, and her mother must find work. And on top of that her sister is losing their faith. Gavriel struggles to keep her beloved family together, while learning that her faith will be her rock. Will everything turn out well? Will Gavriel see her hearts desire.

The boat slowly grew closer and closer till they were in the port. The rest of her siblings had long gone back to the cabin, but Gavriel wanted to see America. She remembered her father telling her.
“Gavi, there in America there is work for all. They say the streets are lined with gold.”
There was hundreds of people in the port, she scanned the faces for ones she might paint. Gavriel loved to paint. But there was one faces that she most wanted to see. The face of her beloved papa.
Tears welled up in her eyes when she did not see him. Then she gasped, a dark strong faces, so familiar to her, made her heart beat faster. It was her father.
And here is another bit.

Then something made Gavriel stare. It was a statue, a big beautiful statue of a woman. Holding a torch in one hand and a tablet in another, with a crown of light on her head.
“Do you like her?” A voice asked behind her. Gavriel turned to see a boy about eighteen, with dark hair, olive skin and impish eyes.
“Da*…I mean yes.” She faltered. The boy grinned, “So do I.”
“Who is she?” Gavriel asked him.
“Lady Liberty,” the boy said proudly, “The statue of liberty.”
“She’s beautiful.” Gavriel whispered.
The boy looked at her intently then said, “My name is Francesco, what is yours?”
“Gavriel, Gavriel Tao.” She said with a slight smile.
“Gavriel” He said her name slowly, as though he was trying to remember it. “Well Gavriel, good luck to you.” With these words the boy named Francesco turned and walked down the gangplank, leaving Gavi looking after him.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lizzy's Short Story contest!

Hey everyone!
I friend of mine is having a story contest! I have just entered my story. After its over I'll post it here. But if any of you are interested in entering too here is the link.http://lizzyslovelylibrary.blogspot.com/2010/03/well-theyre-no-precious-rubies.html
And also its Easter tomorrow! Blessings on this day,