Tuesday, August 24, 2010

When School turns into an adventure

Oh yes, such things are possible. When at Big Woods one never knows what things will happen. It started like this. Marianne, Theresa and I where sitting at the computers taking tests, when Marianne says, "Um...Is that the horses!" (We have five horses at Big Woods. I think...)
Sure enough when Theresa and I look out there they are.
"Oh no, we have to tell someone." So I go and tell Mr.Frank. He jumps up and calls us out along with Suz, one of our missionaries. About this time the brilliant dogs go to chase the horses, sending them down the road. He places us around the yard then gets into his car and drives down the road. Soon two other missionaries come running and they also jump in their cars and drive off. Slowly, they herd the horses back. *Sigh* Yes now they are back and shut tightly in their pasture. Praise God!
So the moral of this story is: You never know what will happen when you are doing your school.

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