Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am on a mission...literally

:D I like titles! They can be so funny, and interesting. But anyway, to be back on topic, tomorrow is Mission Formation!!! I love mission formation. And this time, I will take pictures for everyone to see. I would have put an exclamation point there, but I use so many!
That and italics are my thing now. I think it has something to do with being 15. Because in Emily Climbs, she uses a lot of italics around the age 14-15. So I must really work hard on not using them as much. (!) :D



  1. Italics and exclamations... hmm, add to that large, important-sounding words, and you'll sound exactly like Anne of Green Gables! :)

  2. Have you ever read Rilla of Ingleside? There's a hilarious comment in there about italics that I found funny because I use them too :)

  3. Yes I have, but I don't remember that. I will have to go and find my copy!