Friday, August 27, 2010


Right now I am listing to the Soundtrack to Little Woman, and a thought popped into my mind. Music, how beautiful it is. All of my life, till about a year or two ago, all I listened to was Classical music, and Worship music. And the reason I love classical music so much is its beauty. Music is like a story, moving you to tears or joy. When I hear music, I wish that I was more talented at playing it, but it gives me joy to be able appreciate it so much. It makes me sad, the type of music people listing to these days. Not say that some of it is good, but where is the beauty in "Heavy Metal" or the other types of music. Sometimes I hear some rap and think, "How is that worth listing to?" I think music gives God joy, it gives God glory.

P.S Now I'm listing to the soundtrack to Emma 2009!


  1. Oh, love the Little Women and Emma soundtracks! They're great to listen to while writing. :)

  2. I love music and soundtracks :)

  3. There is actually very much beauty in metal music. It is just a different type of music then most people like. Just because it sounds harsh doesn’t mean it can’t praise God. Metal music has much of the same structure as classical music. In fact, many metal songs have better and deeper lyrics then many other songs today.