Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Birthday Pics

For my 17th birthday I let my mom plan my party. And I'm glad she did!  My grandma sent me a beautiful white glass tea set and my mother invited all the missionary ladies over for a tea party.

We had such a fun time sitting and drinking tea and talking about everything under the sun. 

My two best friends came from town also.

The tea was so good! I was missing my chai tea.

The tea table looked so pretty. :) 

 See? Cute huh. ;) 
 We had an abundance of food, I probably ate too much. ;) 
It was the best birthday ever! 

Thanks to my lovely mom and sisters who helped set everything up! 



  1. Sounds so fun~! wish I could have been there~

  2. Awe! I wish you could have been there too dear!