Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beautiful People August

This month I'm going to use another character from "King, Hunter and Outlaw".

Fox (This isn't the best picture of Fox and he never wears clothes like that, but it's the face that counts. ;)
Here is a how he is described in one chapter,
"Dashing good-looks with black hair and sparkling brown eyes that seemed to melt when he smiled" 

Fox is a card player, a thief and many other things, but deep at heart he's a good fellow. He's actually one of my favorite characters to write in "King, Hunter and Outlaw"

1. What's his favorite past time?
Probably playing and cheating at cards, when he was a noble he loved to hunt and ride horses.

2. What's his favorite weapon?
A double edged sword.

3. How is his family life?
At the moment horrible, his father gambled away all their wealth leaving four sons penniless. His older brother has some mental problems, his younger brother is rude and resentful and on top of that he's stuck with two assassins claiming to be his cousins.  Fox is a little sick of family at the moment, though he would give his life for one of his brothers.

4. Any nicknames?
Actually Fox is his nickname, his real name is Trent but because of the tricks he's been up to people started to call him "Fox".

5. Does he have any friends?
Not really, he's much to busy to spend time with people.  When he does have time he comes off as an arrogant jerk.

6. What's his favorite time of day?
Night, when the taverns are open.

7. How does he meet up with Gleam?
Playing cards of course! ;) He cheated and Gleam knew it, she got the cards back.

8. What's one thing he never leaves home without?
His brothers, even if he has to drag them out by their ears.

9. Does he like to read?
Nope.  Even when he lived in luxury he never had time for that.

10. What's his secret wish?
To have his land and property back again so he can live in peace.

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