Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 1 of 4

Hum...? My favorite food? Anything with potatoes! I'm addicted to them! Once I tried some without having cooked them, and I liked it! My whole family said I was wired. LOL!
Some times the meal person for the day will ask me what to make and I'll be like "Potatoes!"
After awhile the whole family is sick of them!

My other food love is apples! One thing I love best is to grab a good book and an apple. My favorite kind is Fuji. The best kinds are red and green colored. I could probably eat three or four a day!

So there it is my food love confessions, hope you liked it. lol


  1. I love potatoes! As Sam said, "Boil em, Mash em, Stick em in a stew!"

    And apples are the best...I love those tart, kinda crunchy ones.

    Thanks for joining in! :-)

  2. I love potatoes and apples! THough I would never eat a potato raw ;)

  3. Fuji is good! Have you ever tried the Pink Ladies? Those are good.

    Wow! Never would have thought to eat a potato raw.

  4. I love apples and potatoes too!!! I think I could eat potatoes every week and not get sick of them.

  5. I adore potatoes. Diced. Scallopped. French fried. Scrumptious! I think this blog is gorgeous, I was so excited to find it. A fellow Jane Austen/Middle Earth lover!

  6. Fuji apples are my favorite too!!!!!! :) I also love potatoes, but I could get tired of them really quick :P

  7. Potatoes are good, but mashed potatoes are PERFECTION. lol. ;)

    Oh, and fuji apples are incredible! We used to buy big boxes of them in the fall, and we'd have enough to last us forever! Soooo delicious! They're also amazing dipped in peanut butter. :)

    Looking forward to getting to know you better over the next 3 weeks!