Sunday, April 4, 2010

Streets lined with Gold

Here is a preview of my short story and a synopsis ,(which I am NOT very good at) lol. An as a side note this is turning into a novel. Soooo, I'm only going to post the first chapter! HA HA *evil laugh* lol

Streets lined with Gold
Gavriel is a young Romanian who has made the journey to America. There it is said that the streets are lined with gold. America is the new promise land. But problems arise when they arrive. The poverty is amazing to her, and the condition that many children are forced to live in goes to her heart. Gavriel's father loses his job, and her mother must find work. And on top of that her sister is losing their faith. Gavriel struggles to keep her beloved family together, while learning that her faith will be her rock. Will everything turn out well? Will Gavriel see her hearts desire.

The boat slowly grew closer and closer till they were in the port. The rest of her siblings had long gone back to the cabin, but Gavriel wanted to see America. She remembered her father telling her.
“Gavi, there in America there is work for all. They say the streets are lined with gold.”
There was hundreds of people in the port, she scanned the faces for ones she might paint. Gavriel loved to paint. But there was one faces that she most wanted to see. The face of her beloved papa.
Tears welled up in her eyes when she did not see him. Then she gasped, a dark strong faces, so familiar to her, made her heart beat faster. It was her father.
And here is another bit.

Then something made Gavriel stare. It was a statue, a big beautiful statue of a woman. Holding a torch in one hand and a tablet in another, with a crown of light on her head.
“Do you like her?” A voice asked behind her. Gavriel turned to see a boy about eighteen, with dark hair, olive skin and impish eyes.
“Da*…I mean yes.” She faltered. The boy grinned, “So do I.”
“Who is she?” Gavriel asked him.
“Lady Liberty,” the boy said proudly, “The statue of liberty.”
“She’s beautiful.” Gavriel whispered.
The boy looked at her intently then said, “My name is Francesco, what is yours?”
“Gavriel, Gavriel Tao.” She said with a slight smile.
“Gavriel” He said her name slowly, as though he was trying to remember it. “Well Gavriel, good luck to you.” With these words the boy named Francesco turned and walked down the gangplank, leaving Gavi looking after him.