Monday, March 24, 2014

Peace of Soul

Right now I'm reading a book by Archbishop Fulton J Sheen called, "Peace of Soul".  I'm only on page 69 and I'm already astonished by the depth and beauty of this book.   The chapter title that I've gone through so far are: Frustration, The Philosophy of Anxiety, The Origin of Conflicts and Their Redemption and Is God Hard to Find? And the chapter I'm just starting is called Morbidity and the Denial of Guilt. 
So far the Archbishop has walked through topics on man's desire for happiness, and happiness in God, the revolt of our flesh, and how God is not hiding from us. I can't wait to finish the book and be able to post more about it, I'm just really excited about it.

Peace of Soul is one of those books on God that tells you mostly things you already knew, but it presents it in such a new light, that you can't help but feel you've learned something new.  It's basically just a book on the Good News, but that is why it's so exciting.  What could be more exciting than God's Good News?

I also have a prayer request. This weekend I am going on a retreat, please pray for myself and all those who are going on it, and those leading it, that the Lord will work profound miracles.

God bless!

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