Friday, October 5, 2012

November is almost here

Now for those of you who don't know about the madness of Nanowrimo, or are not evolved in it would probably say to that title,

"No it's not! October just got here."

Well yes that's strictly true, technically there is 26 days till November 1st.

But for us Nanowrimo people, it's preparation time for the 31 days of noveling ahead of us.

Nanowrimo is a contest were you are challenged to write 50,000 words of a novel in 31 days. I first did this when I was 13 and loved it, I've done it every year since. Last year I won at 50848, and I hope to win again this year. Although I will probably be overseas at the time.

My novel this year is not planned out at all (but then again I never plan) and I'm kinda nervous.

It's working title is The Art of Tattoo because the main character is covered in tattoos, and they tell a story about her life. Her name is River, she's a fighter, she has dreadlocks.

The other day I came across this quote: Pain is stronger than life, stronger than death, love, loyalty, duty. ~Essad Bey And I think that's what River's life is like now.

In the nano land we have two types of writers, the planners and the pansters. The planners outline, do character sheets, and have a lot of the plot worked out. Pansters maybe have some plot maybe none, maybe have some characters maybe not. I am a panster. :D I go in with a couple of characters, a bit of a plot and I go from there. This year I hope I have more than I have right now, I just don't know how I'm going to get there. River and I will probably have some talks. ;)

Nanowrimo is amazing fun and if you're a writer looking to write a novel, check this out!



  1. I am defiantly a planner. I'v been thinking and working on this novel for months, I can't wait to actually start writing it.

    1. Wow, that's cool. Y'know sometimes I wish I was a planner, it just doesn't work for me. :P

  2. Hello!

    I'm actually pretty good with Characters, I fail at planning.

    I don't think I will do it this year, though, I'm not quite prepared.

    1. Hey! It's nice to have characters at least, I think I'm pretty good at main characters, it's the others that sometimes are hard. :d
      Awe. :( That's sad, well you still have 26 days. ;) Maybe you can still get something planned.