Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Idea change

So...I kinda changed my idea for Nano.  Today I was thinking of a number of things, the movie "Holiday" among them, and a new plot invited itself into my head. 
My novel is going to be called, The PianoMan.  It seems like I've heard that title before, but it won't leave and the novel won't name itself anything else.    I have no character names, save Aunt Jemina who is a minor character, only characters.
The man: He's been acting since he was 10, now he's 30 and famous and tired.  He goes to visit his aunt in the English country side and meets a girl.
His nickname for her is Gypsy, and he knows she can be one the greatest actress if only she wanted to be. He also knows she can make him a lot of money.
She will agree to play in his newest movie, she will become famous. She will also be desperately unhappy. And although he doesn't know it yet, he is too.
Riches = Happiness. Not always.

And that's what my novel is about.