Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Writing (June)

One of the many things I'm working on this month is called "King, Hunter and Outlaw", so as I promised I'm going to tell y'all about it. For those of you who don't know me I am not a plotter. I get an idea and I just start writing it. So saying that I must confess I don't have a plot at this moment, I just have my characters. But I can introduce you to them.

Gleam: We don't know much about her, save that she fought in the Greatland wars and she has a loyal band of freemen. Gleam loves her people and country, when she came back from the war she saw the people mistreated and abused. After saving ran-away serf Will from prison on death she becomes an outlaw and vows to do something to help her people.

Will: He ran away from his master at the urgings of his mother, after being saved by Gleam and her gang Will begs them to help him find his brother Dan.

Fox: After being tricked into working with the rebels Fox is forced to murder the king, but all Fox wants is to be left alone. He meets Gleam in an inn and she catches him cheating at cards, and something about Gleam interests him.
Llew: This man is an outcast of society, people spit on him, people hate him. And he hates them too. Llew will do anything to be in a position of respect, and that does mean anything.

Canterbury: She is 19, she moves from her home to marry the King, even though he already has a wife. She wants to marry him because her father's throne was usurped, and her father is dying. She says that all she wants is her father to die in peace. But maybe she wants more than that.

There ya got! Those are the main characters

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