Saturday, July 2, 2011

All Things New

Last year for Faith Camp the theme was "All Things New." That theme has stuck to me and stayed with me all through the year, sometimes popping up in random places. But this month with SSME it has shown itself quite a lot. Is God trying to say something to me?? I think so. I think its a call for me to make all things new in my life. Because no matter how holy we might seem God is always calling us to something deeper, something newer, something closer to himself. Its not enough for us just to be 'good." Why? Because God is a loving God, a God of passion. He takes one look at us and he is amazed. And so he wants us to come even closer to himself. To his heart. Because the closer we are, the holier we become, the better chance we have of getting to heaven and living with God for eternity. And I don't know about you, but I want be with God forever.
So moral of the story is, I need to make All Things New in my life. :)

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