Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Faith Camp

Last year in July I went to a camp, that changed my life. Here is the post that tells about what happened. I really don't think I would be what I am today without that camp. My life as a Christian before that was bad. I hated God, I was angry and hurt. But God touched my life, he turned my life upside down and put my heart on fire for him. Now my family is in missions, and its been almost a year since then. Wow, time goes by fast. I'm talking about this right now because I want to go back to that camp. Its an amazing place, where you can be put on fire and serve God and each other. Here is a link to the website. My family has been praying, it going to take a lot of money to send me and three of my siblings. Its going to take almost $3,000 to get us there. My family doesn't have that money. So I'm asking, if you fill God stirring in your heart to donate to us, please do. This is in God's hands, if he wants me and my siblings to go, he will send the money. If he doesn't, the money won't come.
May God Bless all of you,

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