Thursday, April 14, 2011

Perfect Through Suffering

Today in our morning prayers the reading was from Hebrews 2: 9-10. And the last three words in the reading said,
"Perfect through suffering." Those three words really stuck out to me, and I just kept thinking about that. It is so ironic, everything about those words go against modern thought. Which says that suffering is bad, it means something is wrong in your life, you don't want to suffer. But Christ says that if we suffer for him then we are gaining treasure in heaven, that suffering can be a good thing.
This got me thinking about suffering in my life, I have a wonderful life. I have a great family, three meals a day, nice bed and clothes. What are my sufferings? Sometimes suffering isn't big things, like having a cancer, or being blind, sometimes suffering is just little things that humble us.
Like going up to read at morning mass and finding out you have white powder on your shirt. (Don't ask me what it was I have no idea.)
Or not being able to understand everything that people say to you and having to ask them to repeat it over and over again.
Sometimes sufferings can be not having little comforts, or not having many friends. But what ever it is, know that if you offer it up for God's glory or for someone else than you are gaining treasure in heaven


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  1. I know what you mean. And suffering is good for us even if many people think it is not.