Thursday, April 14, 2011

People of St. Lucia

In one of my posts I shared some things we do here in St. Lucia. Today I'm going to talk about some people we know.

At this point in our life we have three boys that come over at night, sometimes up to five. Their ages range from 12 to 17. They come and spend some time, eat supper and then say our night prayers with us. Its a lot of fun having them over, they play with the little kids, do some school and just kind of hang out.

We also have some girls that come over on Sundays and others days durring the week. Their names are Jessica and Ericka, and are 21 and 23. Jessica is praying about being a nun in Italy, we are all very excited about that. Ericka is the older sister, right now she is in the hospital because she has sickle cell. Please pray for her! They are both a lot of fun, and I know that I am very glad for their friendship as I know very few girls my age. :D

On Sundays we have something of a Sunday School in which over 50 kids come. One boy, age 9 is the son of Jessica and Erick's friend. He is very funny and has an adorable smile. When I went to a Karaoke night at our parish I learned that he can't raise his eyebrows one at a time. So now when ever I see him I'll raise one eyebrow and smile, he will grin back and try to raise his eyebrow too. When he finally gives up we will burst into a fit of laughter.

Here at our house we live underneath 5 nuns. All of them are wonderful women of God, but my favorite has to be Sister Rosemary. She is training to be a doctor and has come to St. Lucia from Tanzania. She loves Issac!! Its so cute to see her playing with him. Now that he is walking she bought him some shoes. :D

These are just a few of the friends we have here. God has blessed us so much!

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