Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There's a song with words that go something like this:
"When all you wanted is to be wanted."
Today I was thinking about this and how true it is. Every girl has that desire, to be wanted. Sure we have our families, and wonderful friends and some of us even have a boyfriend, but that desire is still there. Sometimes this desire gets so strong it makes us search in all the wrong places. I'm certainly not an exception to this desire, I think about it a lot. And every time I do I always come to the same conclusion. There is only one person who can fully meet this need. Actually he really isn't a somebody, he's God. How awesome is that?
I can be lazy and not pray every day, I can be mean and yell at my siblings for nothing, I can do everything all wrong. And yet God is still there, he waiting for me at every corner begging me to pay attention to him again. To come and talk to him. To just spend time with him. To say I'm sorry and try again. Writing this makes me think of another song, its called A little Longer. I love the part when God says,
"You don't have to do a thing for me, just simply be with me, and let those things go. Just wait another minute wait this moment is too sweet please stay here here with me. And love on me a little longer, Cause I’m in love with you. "
God is ten times better than every single person who loves us, because he will always give us another chance, he will always be there for us, he will always forgive us.

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  1. My Dear Abi!! My heart just swells with love and joy as I read your blog. What a wonderful granddaughter you truly are. You are wise beyond your years. This truth is so precious...and it will sustain you through out your life. Keep it near to your heart and let it grow. I love you, my dear Abi! Be continually blessed....Grandma caver