Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is it.

We are here. I am sitting in our great dinning room in San Lucia! The plane trip was smooth and littles where amazing. :) Last night we had dinner with our Archbishop (the food was really good!) and then came back home to get to bed. We arrived at 4 ish (if I remember correctly) and got to our home around 6 (?) As you can tell the lack of sleep is still affecting me.
Last night as I got into bed I really started missing everyone, so I talked to my mother and prayed. The frogs here making a lot of noise, so that and the sound of cars driving by sung me to sleep.
This morning we got more of a look around. The sisters thought of everything and our pantry and fridge is well stocked for the moment.
So that's all for the moment. Pics will be coming soon!


  1. How cool!

    ~bree (check it out!) :P

  2. awesome!! I cant believe you're in San Lucia!! I miss you so much!