Saturday, December 4, 2010

More on Mexico

I think my favorite thing that we did in mexico was the home visits. Which is where we go and visit the elderly and the sick. The mission girls often drove but when we went we walked. Which was really cool, because you got to see what General was like. One of the home visits that I most remember is the when we to visit this old lady who only has one leg. She had lost it to gangrene, and her big toe is now infected. She will probably never walk again. After our leader, (Bree) had talked to the lady for awhile (the rest of us can't speak Spanish) and after reading the bible we prayed with her. Bree asked her if she had anything that she wanted to pray for, she said:
"I want to pray for peace in world."
Is that not beautiful? This poor old women may never walk again, she is in pain and she prays for peace!? As on of the other girls said,
"She is praying for a world that could care less, that has already forgotten her."

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