Friday, February 5, 2010

A very long post

The first topic I am covering is...*drum roll* SNOW!
Yes here is Kansas it has been snowing since 5:00 this morning.
Here is the back yard.

Here are our only trees, my main lament for Kansas. Trees! How I burn to see real green pine trees!

And now moving on to...MY room!
This first pic is the bed my sister Amy and I share.

And this is Marianne and Ilse's bed.

This is an awesome clock and lamp in our room.

Some of the ''other'' stuff in our room.

Last of all pictures of my little sister Chiara!
She was eating.

Bad hair day!

She is so cute!
Namarie, Lizzy


  1. You poor thing, to be stranded out there without any trees. At least you have snow...(how I long for snow) =D

  2. I agree with Stephanie. It is sad that you don't have any trees, but (like she said) at least you have snow.
    That is not fair. It seems like I haven't seen snow in years.

  3. Yes us L.M.Montogmery lovers know the pain of treelessness, which I don't believe is a word.
    Thanks for the sympathy!