Sunday, November 1, 2009

Middle Earth Daybook

Today....November 1 2009
Time...1:59 pm
I'm wearing....Brown pants, pink shirt with a cream colored sweater on top.
I am thankful sisters!
A song I Have stuck currently in my head.....Jesus you are my rock.
A book I am currently reading.....Lay siege to Heaven.
One thing I look forwarded to this week....School community Day.
What I was doing before I got online.....I was at church.
A picture I would like for you all to see....
Okay sorry about the Arwen pic being on top, blogger has done some changes and I am still adapting. This is my favorite Arwen pic!

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  1. I've been forgetting to do mine. I'll do it tomorrow. I've already done a bunch of posts lately. :)