Sunday, November 15, 2009

The curse pierced Francis' heart like a bolt of lighting. He had not expected anything like that.
"No! No! Don't curse me," he begged, twisting his hands.
"I curse you!" the father repeated several times more.
A crowd had formed. Women were crossing themselves. Francis turned pale.
"And every time you begin again, I curse you again- you cur!" shouted the father again, before he went into the inn.
Francis fled from the town along a short cut and then sat down sadly and pensively, holding his head in his hands. He had been cursed! That suddenly extinguished all the light in his heart. But what could he do about it?
The next day he knew what to do about it. When he got to the market with his little pail, he went to the fountain and spoke to a beggar who looked exactly like statues of Saint Peter: he had the same kind of circular beard and wisp of hair on his bald head. Beggars willingly help one another, so Berto went along with him as he bean to beg. Francis' father appeared, bursting with anger. When he was about to utter the curse, Francis kneeled down, and Berto blessed him.
Then Francis exclaimed: "while you curse me,another father blesses me-and that cancels out your curse!"

This week I found this book, The Perfect Joy of Saint Francis. It is an amazing book about Saint Francis. Francis was a normal rich boy in his time, loved hunting, drinking, gambling all that stuff. Then a war came to Assie(the town in which Francis lived), the peasants rebelled against the nobles. Francis and his friends were with the peasants. The peasants were slaughtered, and Francis was captured and taken to a prison in Peruja. There Francis underwent great suffering because he had found a Gospel and was found reading it. Francis was left for dead when his father,Pietro Bernadoni, found him and paid to bring him home. Francis lay close to death for many days. when he finally recovered, Francis was completely changed. The first thing he did was go down to his father shop and take all the money and give it to the poor, along with some of his Father's cloth (Pietro was a dye merchant).
When Pietro found out, he was furious! He had Francis arrested and tried before a bishop. The bishop told Francis to give back all he had taken, Francis respond by giving everything to his father, even his cloths! Then Francis told everyone he renounced his father, mother. And he spurned worldly things. He had taken a vow of holy poverty, he wanted to be poor among poor, an outcast, the least of men. After giving everything up, Francis had a dream. In this dream God summoned him to "rebuild my church".
Francis thought this meant to rebuild the church that was decaying out side the city.
So that's what he did. All of Francis' friends tried to persuaded him to come back. Francis was steadfast, instead they ended up joining him. Together with a few brothers Francis repaired the church of San Damiano(Saint Damien).

I wrote this for my school blog and liked it so much I wanted to post it on here!
It will be continued because this is defiantly not the end of Francis' life.


  1. Awesome. Francis is a saint very dear to me. I will have to read the book. About Sisters of Pemberly, I have visited the blog and it is lovely. I know I said I would join you in the project but I think I am just going to be too busy. Best of luck to you and the others though!~Ardhoniel