Wednesday, September 2, 2009

first a tag

I suppose you all will want to know were I have been, and I promise to tell you in a different post.
This post is a tag. My answers will be in Red.

1: Who is your favorite LORT character? That's a hard one, either Haldier, Eowyn or Faramir.

2:Why do you admire that character? All three for one reason, I like there willingness to die for someone or something.

3: If you were in Middle Earth what race would you be? Well an elf that lived in Rohan!

4:Where would you live? Rohan!

5:What would your name be? Elwing!

6: What is your favorite place in Middle Earth? It's a tie between Rohan and Gondor.

7: Arwen or Eowyn? Most definitely Eowyn.

8:Do you think Legolas looks like a girl? Legolas like a girl? Not at all!

9:Are you fluent in Elvish? No, but I'm trying!

10: Do you fill sorry for the Orcs? (Them having been Elves and all) NO not at all, like Argorn told the Elves at Helms Deep ''Show them no mercy for they will show you none!"

11:If you were an Elf, would rather live in Rivendell, Lothlorien, or the Undying Lands?
The Undying Lands because it represents Heaven.

12:If you were a human, would you rather live in Gondor or Rohan? Rohan!!!!

13: Do you have an appetite like a hobbit or an elf? Depends on how I'm feeling most the time I have an appetite like a hobbit. ( with my Grandma's cooking I don't see how I could eat like an elf LOL)

14: This tag is over, are you sad? No my fingers are numb! But it was a good tag. Besides it's breakfast time and I'm famished!

15:Who are you going to tag? Anyone who wants it!

~ Lizzy

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  1. Cool! I did this tag, too. A lot of our answers were the same... how cool is that?!?!

    ~Eldarwen Failariel~