Saturday, August 8, 2009

Logging party

Today we had allot of fun logging with the family. Uncle Johnny( one of my Grandpa's brothers) came up with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Tammy(another brother and his wife), three of my older second cousins and my Great-Grandpa. They came at 7 this morning had breakfast and went to work on the 30 acre hill Grandpa has. Me, Marianne,Ilse and Frodo came up to help a little later. It is so funny to watch Grandpa and his brothers work together. Uncle Jimmy will be liming with Aunt Tammy then all of a sudden Uncle John comes running ''I got it! I got it!''.
He starts cutting an old stump and Uncle Jimmy looks up "watch out for the limbs John!" and pretends to throw the sticks at him. Another time they were cutting down a huge tree, they asked my Dad if anyone was coming, nobody was at that moment so down goes the tree followed by another smaller tree. Then comes Grandpa on the tractor shouting not about the two trees in his way but about his ''nice'' saplings that got squashed. ''Who did that!'' both Uncles point at Andy my cousins Lynsey's husband who is new at this. Uncle John and my cousin Zack probably went a hundred feet in the air to limb some gigantic trees. Even my Aunt Tammy had a chainsaw and was helping, Aunt Tammy is amazing, she can do anything a man can. We were up there from 7 till 1 in the afternoon. Grandpa is so happy that we got all that work done.

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