Saturday, December 1, 2012

The End of Nanowrimo 2012

It's ended, and I won again this year! Hooray for me.  4th year of Nano, 2nd time winning. I really liked this year, it was very challenging because I didn't do my normal fantasy story, but in an awesome way.   I've learned that it's not easy to write Historical Fiction when you don't plan.  As an avowed panster the thought of planning makes me shudder, but a little voice has been telling me I should try next year. As you all know I did a historical fiction story about a movie director in the 1930's -1940's.    Last year I came out of Nano disliking my characters and so shut them up in my files of unfinished novels and haven't really looked at it since.  This year I still love my characters, and my story  but I'm ready to put them to rest and let them simmer for a few months.  
This year I somewhat finished!  I saw somewhat because I followed  the story line along till almost 30k (at this moment I can't remember the exact wordcount) and then I came to a wall that I couldn't break.  So I jumped over it, skipped it and wrote the finishing 10,000 words and then had to fit in  10,000 more words.  *sigh* It was hard.  But as you can see I did indeed win.  All's well that ends well.
Currently I'm just resting from writing and looking at some of my unfinished stories. I can't wait to get to work on something else.

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