Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beautiful People (July)

This is my first time doing Beautiful People!  So yeah I'm choosing to do Gleam my character from "King, Hunter and Outlaw".
1.What is your character's name?
She goes by Gleam, but that's not her real name.  Her real name is Asti.

2. Does she have any siblings?
Yes, she has one sister, but at this point neither have seen each other for many years.

3. Who is her best friend?
Djmas, right now she doesn't realize how much she leans and depends on him. But I would definitely say Djmas is her best friend.

4. What's her favorite time of day?
Sunset, right before bed. With the golden and red colors coming through the trees.

5. What's her favorite weapon?
Her bow, because her friend Zeryn taught her. But she can handle other weapons, a sword, staff and ax.

6. What color is her hair?
Brown just ordinary brown.

7. What color are her eyes?
Green almost a jade color.

8. What's one thing she never leaves home without?
Besides her bow? Her red scarf, it was given to her by dying comrade in Greatland.

9. Does she read?
Yes, as a one time noble she reads and writes well.

10. Any hobbies?
At one time she liked to garden, but now she doesn't have time for that.

There ya go! My first try. :D  It was kinda hard to come up with questions, but it was super fun.


  1. This was a harder month to join! :) (My characters ended going at it in an extremely unorthodox fashion.) But Gleam sounds quite interesting (just her name is cool! Both of them!), and green eyes are a favorite of mine at the moment. :D

  2. I'm hopeless at making up titles for my books, but yours is excellent! Good interview!

    Blog hopping on the link-up,

  3. @Katherine: It was hard coming up with questions but it Was fun too! Thanks, I like Gleam's name. I'm not quite sure how I feel about Asti though...

    @Mime: Thanks!

  4. Hey Abigial!

    I’m having a writing contest and would really like to see you enter! You can check it out here:
    (I’m going to extend it till July 13th.) See you there!


  5. Loved reading your interview. And yes, I definately agree with the first comment -- this was a hard month to start on! But you did an awesome job. I loved Gleam's name and she sounds like a really cool character to write about. Longbows? So fun. Green eyes? Love it! And the red scarf is very intriguing!! Nice touch.

    stopping over from the BP link up. :]

    1. Thanks Cait!! Gleam is definitely a great character to write, one of my easiest.

    2. Oh! Do you have a pinterest?!! :]