Thursday, May 10, 2012

The thing about Math

Yikes.  I really don't like math, I'm a words person, I write I don't do numbers... Apparently when I was a little girl, like 5, and learning to count my mother would use little muti-colored bears and count and point,
"One, two, three..."    But I would go right behind her and name each one,
"Fred, Jane, Mary.."     My mother despaired of ever teaching me to count.   :D
Now while that story is funny, the why I deal with math is not, at least to me.   It's quite horrible to look at at math problem and have your brain freeze. Freeze as in I can't think at all!   Math makes me want to sob and cry and tear my hair out.    And then something happened, as I am sadly lacking in math credits my mother found this website for me to use. Its called Khan Academy.  You get to make goals for yourself, it logs your hours for you, its pretty darned cool.   All of the sudden its not so painful to do math.  Its still hard, I still don't like it, but I don't hate it.

Let's just hope things stay this way as the math gets harder. ;)

Have a blessed day!

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