Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things I love about the USA part 2

Before I continue to list things I love about being home I just wanted to tell y'all why I am doing this. Its not because missions is so hard and horrible, its because its so wonderful, that when you get back home you think about all the little things God has blessed you with. Little things like real milk, different meat, things you don't always think about. :) Here are some more things I am thankful for:

4. Hot water! I love having hot water in the shower.

5. Ovens that you don't have to light. ;)
6. Apples! In St. Lucia apples were so expensive, there is nothing I love more than to read a good book and eat an apple.


  1. Ice? How about ice? I really missed ice when I was out of the country.

  2. Just found your blog and so thankful I did! Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for all those things that seem "little".

    God Bless!

  3. Hey Lexi! You are so welcome! We all need reminders now and again.

    God Bless,